Electric Heaters for home "XIAOMI_H101"


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Smartmi Radiant Heater Smart Version Main Features


* Touch screen control, temperature reminder, no light pollution, heat insulation.
* 9cm slim body, small and exquisite, no floor space, large screen digital display, three-speed brightness adjustment.
* IPX4 waterproof rating, splash-proof bathroom available.
* X-type heat sink, energized and hot, top-out wind quickly creates thermal energy cycle.
* The electric heater can be connected to WiFi, and the remote reservation can be started through the Mijia APP.
* Non-slip feet, more stable and safer.
* Handles on both sides, easier to move, curved rounded corners, prevent hard bump damage.
* 16-32 degree intelligent constant temperature, dual temperature sensor, energy saving.
This product has a voltage of 220V, it does not support the United States / Canada / Japan.







                   Detailed Parameters

Smartmi Radiant Heater Smart Version
Convection heating, fast and comfortable
WIFI intelligent control, bathroom and room dual-use, energy saving.
Better understand the warmth you want.
The entire house is fast heated, Not drying
Smartmi electric heater uses convection circulating heating, which directly heats the air more efficiently.
The heated air and the cold air form a density difference, the hot air rises, the cold air drops, and the convective air circulation is continuously heated by the heater, the room is uniformly heated.
There is no wind during the heating process, which has little effect on the humidity in the room,and does not feel dry.
Wi-Fi connection, appointment start.
Going home is 26 ° C temperature.
The MI home APP enables remote control.
Open before work, it is warm when you get home. Shut down at any time. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the convenience of smart living.
16-32 °C intelligent constant temperature
Support 16-32 °C freely adjustable temperature, built-in dual temperature sensor, intelligent control of temperature, when the ambient temperature reaches the preset value, automatically stop, lower than the set temperature, automatically warm.
X-type heat sink
Touch screen, and room data.
Control is more convenient. Bright / shimmer / off, three-range brightness adjustment.
The touch screen is completely isolated from the heating, It won't be hot.
Naturally heated, quiet and comfortable.
Convection heating, no fan, completely rely on the natural flow of air microcirculation. There is no obvious perceptible airflow in the room. Work quietly, with almost no sound.
Splash-proof, the bathroom can work.
IPX4 protection class, can prevent the splash in all directions of water intrusion electrical damage, can be used in the bathroom.
Dual security protection 
the built in thermostat automatically shuts off the power when the body temperature exceeds 85 degree, and the built-in protection switch automatically shuts off when the body tilts more than 45 degree
The whole machine is thin and easy to store.
the outer layer of the fuselage also uses 0.6mm thick pure galvanized steel plate, spraying delicate and supple, reducing the original raw sense of metal material, but also added antioxidant, anti-scratch process, can not afford a long time test, will not show the old. Weight 6.4kg.
Arc Rounded angle Design
Prevent hard bump damage
Internal buckle handle on both sides
Easier to move
Anti-slip foot
More solid and safer

Brand Name: Electric Heaters for home "XIAOMI_H101"
Electric Heater Type: Convector Heater
Power: 1200-2000W
Use: Living Room
Use: Garden
Use: Bathroom
Use: Bedroom
Installation: Portable
Installation: Freestanding
Installation: Desktop
Certification: RoHS
Certification: CCC
Function: Overheat Protection
Function: Ventilation
Function: Remote Controlled
Function: Adjustable Thermostat
Function: Tip-Over Protection
Function: Child lock
Voltage (V): 220V
Area Heated: <20㎡
Application: 11-20㎡
Heating Element: Heating Wire
Model Number: Smartmi Radiant Heater Smart Version
Number of Speed Settings: Second Gear
Size: 68*44*20cm
Wireless network: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz