Boxing Sandbag S102


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Name: boxing sand bag
Material: PU leather
The sandbag consists of two layers.The outer layer is made of PU leather,The leather is soft and your hands don't hurt when you box. The inner layer is high density polyester fabric.
Specifications: (sand bag height) 60cm, 80cm, 100cm , 120cm
Because the platform system cannot be edited, color options represent the height specifications of sandbags.
120 cm high sand bag diameter: about 36 cm
100 cm high sand bag diameter: about 32 cm
80 cm high sand bag diameter: about 26 cm
60 cm high sand bag diameter: about 22 cm
Color: Black

- The sandbag is empty, you can fill in rag, saw dust, sand, cotton, etc.
Note: Due to logistics and transportation reasons, the sandbags sold in this store are hollow PU peels, and the sand needs to be purchased and poured locally by yourself.

Package Content:
1 x Empty sandbags

Type: Sandbag Category
Age: >8 Years
Model Number: OTDR5219
Size: 60/80/100/120cm
For people: Kids Adult